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The second annual Database Now Online event is a full day of free, live webinar-style sessions presented by industry professionals. Each of the 40-minute presentations are designed to teach Architects, Modelers, Database Administrators, and IT Managers about the latest database tech, Metadata, Data Quality, Blockchain, Big Data in the Cloud, and Modeling NoSQL.

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18 July, 2018


Data Lake Best Practices

Presented by Susan Earley
Would you rather have a Data Lake than a Data Swamp? The requirements and subsequent advantages to building a reliable Data Lake are many and well documented, but the issues inherent within such a complicated platform are also many. This presentation will discuss the primary issues that organizations have been dealing with during their Data Lake implementations and give practical, real-world examples of best practices that can be used to help alleviate them.


Improved Data Quality Implications with Blockchain

Presented by Dan Myers
Blockchain is a distributed ledger concept offering some of the following characteristics:

Public/Transparency - All network members see all transactions in a reconciled ledger

Distributed - Ledger is stored in Internet-like network for maximum redundancy and availability

Synchronized ledger - Guaranteed data integrity through cryptography-based chain of chronological verified transactions

This presentation will provide a detailed explanation of how Blockchain concepts will improve data quality and what data management professionals can and cannot expect of Blockchain implementations regarding Data Quality, Metadata Management, and trust/security.


Architecting Big Data Solutions in the Cloud

Presented by Anthony Algmin
Cloud technologies offer an array of capabilities that can transform your organization’s relationship with data. From the basics — like provisioning servers that exist only as long as batch workloads are processing — to complex, serverless, event-driven designs that instantly scale to changing demands, cloud technologies enable us to process and prepare data much more efficiently, and with effectively unlimited scalability.

This has significant implications for Data Architects. First, since the tools are virtual, and the interfaces entirely software-based, we can apply and iterate new architecture designs much more quickly than ever before. This power, however, results in a need for ever-better collaboration and communication between Architects and the Application Developers and others that will provide or consume data from these cloud systems.

Those attending this session will learn:
- Some of the key data capabilities the cloud provides
- Design paradigms for managing Data Architecture in the cloud
- The differences between being a “cloud” Data Architect versus a “traditional” Data Architect
- Where the cloud may make things more challenging compared with on-premises data environments


30-Minute Break


KEYNOTE: Sitting on Top Your Database – The Latest Technologies

Presented by Rick Sherman
This keynote session will focus on the latest technologies within, being incorporated into, and connecting to your databases. Learn about the sort of connectors that are being used to aid in the implementation and usage of the myriad databases available today. In the world of hybrid databases, where organizations are employing a range of relational and non-relational/NoSQL databases, being able to connect and interact with them is a much more complex problem than in the past. What are the different models? How are organizations dealing with this issue? What are some of the best solutions to this issue facing organizations today?


Data Modeling in an Agile, NoSQL World

Presented by Michael Bowers
Data Modeling has changed. The advent of new NoSQL data models where the model is abstracted within the code has made it far more difficult to model the data. With the creation of these new databases, people used to claim that the data didn’t need to be modeled anymore – that has been demonstrated to be false. Organizations still need to know where the data is coming from, what sort of data asset it is, what transformations are being done, and where the data goes throughout the entire lifecycle of an given asset. Add to this entire equation the Agile process, and organizations are running into bottlenecks as they still need solid data models for both their relational and non-relational systems, but also need to do fast iterations that are under constant change. This presentation will discuss the many complexities inherent in this new problem.


How Does It Handle the Metadata?

Presented by Peter Aiken
Databases require Metadata to operate. This talk will illustrate how Metadata makes possible the management of data - this will be discussed in terms of basic file and database structures. Inclusion of Big Data technologies further extends organizational capabilities but requires architectural tradeoffs that are articulated. Some examples using iTunes will be presented.


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