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The second annual Database Now Online event is a full day of free, live webinar-style sessions presented by industry professionals. Each of the 40-minute presentations are designed to teach Architects, Modelers, Database Administrators, and IT Managers about the latest in enterprise solutions for data storage, data access, scaling out, and cloud-based solutions. Stay tuned for more presentation details as we complete the agenda for 2018.

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18 July, 2018


Improved Data Quality Implications with Blockchain

Presented by Dan Myers
Blockchain is a distributed ledger concept offering some of the following characteristics:
Public/Transparency - All network members see all transactions in a reconciled ledger Distributed - Ledger is stored in Internet-like network for maximum redundancy and availability
Synchronized ledger - Guaranteed data integrity through cryptography based chain of chronological verified transactions
This presentation will provide a detailed explanation how blockchain concepts will improve data quality and what data management professionals can and cannot expect of blockchain implementations regarding data quality, metadata management, and trust/security.


Architecting Big Data Solutions in the Cloud

Presented by Anthony Algmin
Details Coming Soon!


KEYNOTE: Sitting on Top Your Database – The Latest Technologies

Details Coming Soon!


How Does It Handle the Metadata?

Presented by Peter Aiken
Metadata is a critical component to Data Management. Join this session to learn how the various database types handle the metadata and how businesses are implementing Metdata best practices into hybrid Data Models.


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We are building the agenda now, and registration will open May 1st, 2018!
It's OK if you can't attend the live event. Register and you will get access to the recordings of all the presentations and links to download the slides.
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No, you do not need to pay anything to watch the live sessions presented during this event. When you register, we also give you free access to the on-demand recordings a couple of days after the event.
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